The heart of a semiconductor device is the silicon chip. While many suppliers just buy the chips and assemble them into a package, Diotec has got the complete know how of semiconductor production. Especially Zener and TVS diodes, with their large variety of partnames, are a major challenge with respect to base material, logistics and diffusion technology.
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Perché DIOTEC?
  • Diotec itself produces silicon chips – not only assembles them to package
  • wide portfolio
  • double 100% testing of electrical parameters
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Diotec is one of the market leaders in this field, offering one of the widest range of products and fastest delivery time. Diotec newly produces also diodes for LED applications, ESD protection as well as diodes in new small SMT packages with enhanced power rating. The RoHS compliant (leadfree) tinning provides long lasting solderability. After two times 100% testing of electrical parameters, the parts are marked and packaged. Extensive control of all process steps ensures continuous stable quality.
Articoli del produttore DIOTEC
Diotec è entrata nel mercato con i regolatori di tensione lineari

Diotec è entrata nel mercato con i regolatori di tensione lineari

Nell’elettronica moderna esistono ancora i regolatori di tensione lineari. Sono facili da usare e richiedono solo due componenti aggiuntivi: un condensatore di ingresso e un condensatore di uscita.

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